About Us

Why Outreach Mastery

Outreach marketing –  is an emerging trend in digital marketing that is

generating a multiple X ROI on your marketing money (when done right).

Mastery – is helping you do it right from the start – or doing it right for you.


Who Is It For

Ideal for people making decisions where to invest the marketing budget and get a high return on investment in their business. This usually has to do with marketing.

You are most likely a:

  • Ceo, Cto or Cmo (Chief of growing the business)
  • One person entrepreneur (solopreneur with a dream)
  • Agency marketer (Small team of marketers looking for a boost)


outreach mastery virtual company

Our Vision

We are 100% virtual outreach company dedicated to helping companies grow with blogger outreach and influencer relationship management.

Why work with us?

You don’t have the time to do this yourself at scale – here is why.

In today’s fast changing environment entrepreneurs, CEOs and CMO’s constantly need to learn and apply new strategies to grow their businesses. These people are the primary agents of change in the world as we see it and our goal with Outreach Mastery community is to help these visionaries get more awareness online faster.

We believe that the faster the good ideas spread, the more good change is happening in the world.


Meet Dimitry




I’m Dimitry Manousevich, Founder of Outreach Mastery.

I got my start in business and marketing over 10 years ago. That’s when the offline world really started to morph into a digital marketing experience and I was completely fascinated by it.  Learning everything I could get my hands on in design, conversion optimization, copywriting and email marketing.

Over the years I was able to help many companies get rapid growth using all of the skills I had learned. From mom and pop brick and mortar businesses that wanted to be found online to $100 mil + companies that wanted…the same thing, to be found online. And to be the go-to authority in their niche.

Over the years I  was able to transform my hands on experience into a virtual company that can now pass on the value to you. We do the hard work of researching and connecting you to influencers that can help you the most – you reap the rewards and outreach your competition.


Dimitry timeline






“They laughed when I said I’m starting a business, but when they see me now….”